Quilted by S. Cave

Long Arm Quilting Services

If you have a quilt top and backing completed but don't have the time or tools to finish the quilting, we're here to help! We offer a range of free motion quilting designs on our long arm machine and are happy to work with you to select one that will complement your quilt pattern. We use 100% cotton thread and 100% cotton batting in all our quilts. Please read the details on this page carefully, including quilt preparation, and then get in touch to set up an order.


Our long arm pricing includes a per square inch quilting fee and any charges for optional additions such as batting and binding. A deposit based on quilt size will be required at the time the order is placed.

Shipping: Return shipping is based on quilt weight and will be estimated after quilt is completed.

Batting: $0.004 per square inch

Binding: $25.00 per hour of labor, not including materials

Thread: $1.50 per bobin used

Quilting: Priced per square inch based on density and complexity of the quilting design. For estimates based on standard designs and typical sizes, see the chart below. We quilt anything 45" x45" and larger, these examples are just to help you get an idea of pricing.

  • Standard Edge-to-Edge: $0.02 / square inch - A single standard design over the entire quilt.
  • Semi-Custom: $0.04 / square inch - Two standard designs incorporated in different sections of your quilt.
  • Custom: $0.07 / square inch - We will work with you to design a pattern specific to the blocks on your quilt.


Long Arm Quilting Pricing Examples

Prices below are based on the Standard Edge-to-Edge design at $0.02 / square inch.

Size Quilting Cost at $0.02/sq in Batting Cost at $0.004/sq in
45" x 45", Lap $40.50 $8.00
45" x 60", Baby $54.00 $11.00
60" x 60", Throw $72.00 $14.00
60" x 80", Twin $96.00 $19.00
80" x 90", Queen $144.00 $29.00
90" x 90", King $162.00 $32.00

Free Motion Design Options

We offer a variety of designs which range in price depending on the complexity of the pattern. When you place an order we will discuss what designs will complement your quilt. Below are just a few examples of Standard quilting designs.


Quilts must be prepared properly before being sent to us, otherwise they may be returned or an additional $25.00 fee will be incurred for preparation labor. We will quilt size 45" x 45" and larger.

Make sure that your quilt top and backing are completely squared off before you send them to us. Selvedge edges must be cut off and all seams ironed open. Backing for your quilts must also be 3 inches larger than the front on all four sides sides.